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News and stories

World Malaria Day: Everything you need to know about the deadly disease

Where there is a will there is a way: Reflections on the Rwandan genocide

Crisis averted in a hospital in Somalia

Rwandan genocide: A story of joy at child reunification centre

Cyclone Idai: Communities in Mozambique face worse days ahead

Cyclone Idai: 'Complete devastation' on Malawi-Mozambique border

Cyclone Idai: 'Soul-destroying to see rich harvest snatched away'

Five Mother’s Day gifts that give back

Cyclone Idai: Fast action needed to combat the spread of water-borne diseases

Cyclone Idai: Hundreds killed after storm hits Southern Africa

Empowering women plays a key role in Syria humanitarian response

Eight years of Syrian conflict: Stories of survival

QUIZ: Eight years of conflict in Syria

QUIZ: Match the inspiring quote to the woman who said it

Why is gender equality important?

Love empowers: Stories from around the world

My experience volunteering with Concern in Sierra Leone

Your donation makes the world of difference

Syrian refugees hit by floods in Lebanon

Young Scientist Exhibition: Three projects helping the developing world

QUIZ: How well do you remember the year that was 2018?

Five things to do over Christmas holidays

Why cash is king: How mobile cash transfers save lives and empower locals in Somalia

Conflict and hunger in Somalia

16 Days of Activism: Why it matters for South Sudan

What is World AIDS Day (and why does it matter)?

Christmas cabbage & potatoes recipe

What is the ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence’?

Top ten Christmas charity gifts

Ebola: New outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo infects hundreds

Meet our Dublin Marathon hero

Ireland's Microsoft chief honoured with Women of Concern award

Cannes Young Lions winning advert: One Step

Five myths about hunger

World Food Day: The challenges and solutions to forced migration and hunger

Central African Republic: The world’s hungriest country

Local and nimble: Getting things done in South Sudan

'Being a teacher gives me hope that another world is possible'

S.O.S: How Ireland helped a nation – A new podcast series from Concern

Highlights from Resurge 2018

A resurgence of humanity: five things we learned at Resurge2018

In Rwanda, an amazing secret spurs a new journey

Breaking the Cycle of Conflict: What Can Humanitarian and Development Actors Do?

HUMANITY Site Unseen: An exhibition by artist Brian Maguire

Irish artist Brian Maguire in South Sudan

World Humanitarian Day: What we learned from the @Ireland Twitter account this week

Five things to know about conflict and hunger on World Humanitarian Day

Valerie Place: Parents of Irish nurse killed in Somalia reflect 25 years on

Timeline of a disaster: The first day of crisis response

Tributes pour in after passing of former Concern (US) chairman Tom Moran

World Humanitarian Day: Civilians and aid workers are #NotATarget

Your support brings hygiene, health and hope in Kenya

50 years of your compassion

Your donations give the gift of water in a crisis

#Concern50: Our rich history in Ethiopia

#Concern50: Celebrating our survivor staff in Haiti

'Kenya gives me hope' - Concern Debates' Champions reflect on trip to Kenya

A Q&A with Concern Debates Judge Jennifer Gillen

How our support in South Sudan communities is reducing the impact of malnutrition

Female voices from Niger: 'Believe in women'

Female voices from Niger: 'The times are changing'

Female voices from Niger: 'Anything a man can do, a woman can do'

Female voices from Niger: 'I am not fragile - I am a strong woman'

Female voices from Niger: 'People asked why I chose a man's job'

Marriage and harmful cultural practices: hear the voices of three women in Sierra Leone

“Without peace, there is no hope”: the displaced voices of war

36 years responding: Irish AIDS Day

Three Rohingya refugees share their stories of escape and survival

Harvesting the power of data: Concern's digital journey

'I will vaccinate my children from now on' - One mother's story of loss

GDPR and Concern: what does it mean for you?

'My heart bursts with pride' - An inspiring success story from Niger

Fifty years of Concern: Celebrating Irish volunteers and humanitarians

“I’m thankful for every instant” - a good news story from Somalia

Driven from home in DRC

Ending hunger is possible, if we can cut conflict

In this age of brute militarisation diplomacy may not be dead but it needs revitalised leadership

The right to learn in Malawi

‘I was in heaven and now it's like hell’- Story of a refugee in Lebanon

‘When you’re alone and surrounded by fields, no one can hear your screams.’

Meet the Irish boy who skipped school aged 16 to join a major aid mission to Africa

My Health, My Right - World Health Day 2018

Tackling malnutrition in the desert: A photo story from Pakistan

QUIZ: Can you name the Irish celebrities in this classic 80s video for Concern?

Tackling drought in the Desert: A photo story from Pakistan

Improving community health in Niger

Responding to the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis

“Hell on earth”: The impact of seven years of war in Syria

Let's talk about men on International Women's Day

Bridging the digital divide: technology for refugees

The advantages of digital data collection in Malawi

DRC crisis: Your questions answered

Ciara's story: My first day on the ground in Niger 

Ciara's story: My career in development 

Your support has had a BIG impact

Change the conversation in 2018 with Project Us!

How a rapid response helped to avert famine in Somalia this year

Untold refugee stories from Ethiopia

From hunger to hope: Improving nutrition for refugees in Ethiopia

The quiet crisis: Rohingya in Bangladesh

#MeToo – the global perspective

Accelerating towards zero hunger with SUN

Alliance2015 Roundtable on Resilience, Hunger and Poverty

360 video: A journey to hope in Ethiopia

Is HIV off topic on the global health agenda?

Concern FAST: Irish public comes up trumps

A community coming together for water

A solution to extreme poverty? Graduation programmes pave the way

Lebanon's refugee crisis

Giving a crap on World Toilet Day 2017

Innovations for maternal & newborn health: Getting from ‘great ideas’ to ‘global lifesavers’

FAST reminds me how lucky I am

Conflict often breeds disaster. So why is it neglected in Disaster Risk Reduction?

World Food Day: Good recipes for a healthy body from Sierra Leone

2017 Global Hunger Index: Food, power & inequality

Rohingya crisis: Meet Layru and Hala

Four major food crises in 2017: What’s going wrong?

Five things you need to know about the Rohingya crisis

Rohingyas reach safety with stories of tragedy

Urban disasters: Preventing another tragedy in Freetown

Fre’s fight against malnutrition

Assisting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

A day at the fair in Central African Republic

Concern responding to Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh

Outdoor Exhibition: Build Hope In The City

'Build Hope in the City' exhibition coming to Dublin

Nepal hit by devastating floods

Aid distributions underway for Sierra Leone mudslide victims

Awoken by gunfire: A Syrian father’s perilous journey from war to safety in Lebanon

On World Humanitarian Day we remember the staff Concern has lost

Concern responds to the aftermath of Sierra Leone mudslide

Concern Debates finalists: “The experience changed me”

Germaine’s journey to management in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Concerned citizens, join our Debates team!

Your support is offering a lifeline to street dwellers in Bangladesh

Ireland’s Call: An opportunity to lead as a champion of the SDGs

Your donations have provided emergency vouchers

Your response to the east Africa crisis is saving lives

Counting the cost: Financing and delivering on the promise of Agenda 2030

Access to water in DRC: “It’s about everyone working together”

Tough talk at the UN on sustainable development

Supporting the most vulnerable in Ethiopia

Improving livelihoods with a community forest in Afghanistan

Risk of starvation rises as South Sudan marks its sixth year of independence

Praying for rain in Kenya

Be the change: our work with schools across Ireland this year

Supporting refugees and host communities in Sudan

Water in the Desert: A photo story from Pakistan

Celebrating dads as equal partners this Father’s Day

Ten people diagnosed with HIV in Ireland every week

Concern delivers emergency response following deadly landslides in Bangladesh

Access to clean water is a big deal, especially for women like Filema

Paris Accord: Urgency and solidarity of response is what matters now

The women of Marsabit build resilience against drought

Life in the Thar Desert: A photo story

Concern Summer Raffle: “Last year, I won the jackpot!”

Reasons to support the kitchen garden project

Concern Debates: In the words of the experts

Somalia on the brink of famine

Meeting basic shelter needs in Lebanon

Voices from Lebanon: “Thank you for not giving up on my son”

Clean and accessible water for health centres in Ethiopia

East Africa's hunger crisis explained

Life after Ebola in Sierra Leone

Breaking the cycle of debt in Afghanistan

Struggling for survival in the swamps of South Sudan

Time is running out as drought causes devastation in Somaliland

Hunger crisis sweeps across east Africa

Shattered Lives: protecting civilians in war-torn Syria

Six years of war, six shattered lives: photo story

Building resilience in Afghanistan

Fund a kitchen garden and change lives

Famine sweeps two regions in South Sudan

International community must “dig deep” to help South Sudan and Somalia

Concern World Champions: millennials prove they’re no snowflakes!

Chef Jp McMahon urges support for kitchen gardens in Burundi

Somalia: on the brink of famine?

How to grow your own carrots

Life in the Chars of Bangladesh

Kitchen gardens in Burundi

US refugee ban is about cynical politics not security

Bridging the gap: helping Syrian children in Turkey return to school

Water brings hope and opportunity in Somaliland

Refugees: the faces behind the statistics

Giving children in Malawi the best start in life

One family’s struggle to survive in South Sudan

From beneficiary to customer: paying for water services in DRC

Four million people on “edge of disaster” in South Sudan

What is stunting?

Spiralling towards catastrophe in South Sudan

The Central African Republic: a crisis unfolding under the radar

Six tips for a happier, healthier new year

Our year in moments: editor's choice 2016

Play the Concern Lotto and help save lives

Donal Skehan: “I saw the difference your Concern Christmas Gifts make”

Watch Donal Skehan explore Malawi with Concern: Part 2

Watch Donal Skehan explore Malawi with Concern: Part 1

AIDS complacency can kill

Life inside Syria: Meeting basic needs in a country at war

Malawi tunes in to end violence against women and girls

Our week in Malawi: exhausting, overwhelming and utterly amazing

Diversifying diets in Ethiopia

Water brings life: stories from the Central African Republic

Surviving against the odds: being a mother in Niger

Creating a kinder world at the Youth Summit

We can’t wait: World Toilet Day 2016

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti's road to recovery

Five of Ireland’s fitness stars supporting the 2016 Concern Fast

Donal Skehan gets a taste of Concern’s work in Malawi

Instability in Burundi driving hunger

Missing Maps for Haiti: a volunteer project

Syrians in Turkey: “We just want to go home”

Take part in the 2016 Concern Fast

Good governance, transparency & accountability - Concern's DNA

“I don't want to live a life and not do anything with it”

We are the zero hunger generation – let’s change the world

Distributions underway on La Gonâve Island

What next for Hurricane Matthew survivors?

Malawi’s foot soldiers in the fight against hunger

How far away is an end to world hunger? Find out in the 2016 Global Hunger Index

"Everyone was afraid": the human impact of Hurricane Matthew

Cutting disease risk after Hurricane Matthew

Responding to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Assessing the needs and damage in wake of Hurricane Matthew

Support reaches Haitian families surviving Hurricane Matthew

Concern teams ready to respond Hurricane Matthew emergency

Haiti prepares as Hurricane Matthew approaches

Failure to protect Syrians brings shame on the world

The daily battle with hunger in Niger

Reflections on the UN Summit

E-vouchers: a lifeline to Syrian families in Turkey

Want to see the real Africa? Eight Instagram accounts to follow

Starting conversations on sexual health in Malawi

An ambulance service with a difference

The destruction of Aleppo: political games must end

Bittersweet Back to School for Syrian children in Turkey

Concern’s everyday humanitarians

Vouchers and phones stop families going hungry in Syria

Fighting extreme poverty in Bangladesh

World Breastfeeding Week 2016: why breast is best in the fight against inequality

Your support brings hope to Syrians

Thanks for helping save lives in South Sudan

EU providing vital support for Syrian families in Turkey

Humanitarian response in Ethiopia

Hunger in Malawi: “The biggest crisis in a generation”

Burundi flooding: homes and livelihoods washed away

Supporting people affected by conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo

How we spend your money

There are good people everywhere

Seeds of change in Central African Republic

Violent resurgence in South Sudan deepens humanitarian crisis

Crop failure puts millions at risk in Ethiopia and beyond

Mary Robinson in Ethiopia

The Brief: Ethiopia

RAIN project: empowering communities to tackle malnutrition

Keyhole gardens: a solution to malnutrition in Uganda

Wonder plant revival: sisal production in Haiti

Concern Debates final 2016: the social story

Meet the author of Concern’s new book, Someone Like Me

From the top of the world with Climb4Concern

Concern at the World Humanitarian Summit 2016

The ticket to saving lives in South Sudan

Ethiopia: Resilience has its limits

Concern Debates 2016 Final champions: Cross and Passion College Ballycastle

Watch live: Concern Debates 2016 final

Concern Debates 2015 trip to Mozambique

Rebuilding bakeries in Syria

Community resilience building in Pakistan

Time is running out for millions living in drought-stricken Ethiopia

One year anniversary of Nepal earthquake

El Niño wreaks havoc in southern & eastern Africa

Nepal earthquake: Concern staff “gave it everything”

El Niño drives crisis in south and east Africa

Technology in the classroom: reducing illiteracy in Niger

Tanzania: A SUN success story

Panama Papers: tax avoidance hurts the world’s poorest people

Lest we forget: Rwanda 22 years on

Voices from Ethiopia: Drought driving malnutrition

EU-Turkey deal won’t address root causes of the refugee crisis

Success stories from the Concern and Irish Aid partnership

A matter of life and death: stories from the Ebola cemeteries

Cash transfers empower the displaced in DRC

Liberia: A classroom in the fields

Tackling malnutrition in Rwandan refugee camp

Syria: five years of war

Infographic: Costs of Conflict in Syria

Syrian voices on International Women's Day

“My only dream is for peace in my country”

Why volunteer with Concern?

“Concern saved my son’s life”

Bank of Ireland staff supporting primary schools in Burundi

Drought brings food crisis to Ethiopia

Syrian crisis: the world needs to do more to #SupportSyrians

Communities powering progress in Liberia

Getting to zero: working towards an end to AIDS

Devastating El Niño driving food insecurity

New Year brings new challenges for Syrians in Lebanon

Climb4Concern: Make your New Year’s resolution count

When is a potato not a potato?

#Concerngifts: changing lives in Malawi

COP21: What the Paris climate deal means for the world

Climate change: voices from the frontline

Violence against women: a weapon of war

Shocking and inspiring: stories from the COP21 climate summit

Climate justice: helping the most vulnerable to adapt

Syrian refugee crisis: update from Lebanon

Reflections on Pope Francis’ visit to CAR

Shamed and blamed: protecting the rights of pregnant girls in Sierra Leone

16 days of activism: learners not brides

Back to school for Syrian refugee children in Turkey

The stolen future of Syria’s refugees

What is disaster risk reduction (and why does it matter)?

Sierra Leone: the long, hard road to Zero+42

South Sudan facing food crisis

Afghanistan earthquake: my experience

What happens to an Ebola clinic when epidemic moves on?

Violence, displacement and return in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Award winning Ebola response

Blogathon: Armed conflict and the challenge of hunger

Bright ideas for Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Global Hunger Index 2015: mapping the world’s hunger

Will you help save the lives of malnourished children?

Education to leave no-one behind in Somalia

School in refuge: the stories of three Syrian children in Turkey

Seven things you need to know about the sustainable development goals

Syrian refugees in Turkey: an existence cloaked in uncertainty

“Today, I am going to die” – A Syrian refugee’s story

The real refugee crisis is in Lebanon, not Europe

Syrian refugee crisis: Concern's response

Funding the refugee crisis from existing aid budgets is unacceptable

The future of aid: six lessons from the Irish Humanitarian Summit

Mediterranean tragedy: can we create hope from such despair?

Letter from Pakistan: the power of conversation

Malaria prevention in Tanzania

The youngest Syrian refugees find comfort in tent classrooms

Solar technology lights up Nepal (and beyond)

Places for the displaced: theatres, camps and fairs in the DRC

Can breastfeeding help the fight against poverty?

South Sudan’s displaced: the voices Obama won’t hear in East Africa

Will you play your part in ending extreme poverty?

Preparing for election violence in Burundi

Tanzania: a sustainable legacy

Graduation: a photojournal from Rwanda

Drought threatens livelihoods of farmers in DPRK

Stories from Central African Republic: the cost of sectarian conflict

Off the road: the challenges of distributing relief to rural Nepal

Sustainable solutions, not just band-aids of rescue and resettlement

Nepal earthquake: one month on

Nepal Earthquake: from predictions to preparations

Distributing emergency supplies in the mountains of Nepal

Terror in the hillsides: eyewitness to the second earthquake

Second earthquake hits Nepal

Empty nests: Nepal’s elderly struggle in the remote countryside

Concern Worldwide's #NepalEarthquake response explained

Concern to distribute emergency relief to 14,000 affected by Nepal earthquake

Earthquake in Nepal: our response

Today’s famine ships? The Mediterranean migrant emergency

The quest for clean water in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Helping farmers beat drought in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Skills to succeed in Zambia with Accenture and Concern Worldwide

Liberia: marking a year of Ebola

The Brief: Central African Republic

Syria: four years of conflict

How can new technology impact humanitarian action?

Conservation agriculture projects harvest rewards in Malawi

#IWD15: Empowering women and girls in Afghanistan

Ebola relief: a day in the life of Concern’s quarantine team in Liberia

Inspirational women on film: four movies to watch for #IWD15

Malawi floods: a school becomes a home

Liberia: education in time of crisis

Education for girls in Somalia: Faduma's story

Married in the wake of genocide, a couple finds peace in Rwanda

Charity fundraising tips

Progress in South Sudan

Aengus Finucane biography

Memories of the Haiti earthquake

Four stories from the Mozambique flood

Haiti: mother-of-five gets back to business

South Sudan appeal update

Snowstorm hits vulnerable Syrians in Lebanon

Deadly floods in Malawi

Floods in Malawi and Mozambique

South Sudan: a year at war

Ethiopia: preventing flooding and hunger

The mighty potato

Bicycle ambulances in Malawi

World AIDS Day 2014

Saving women and children in South Sudan

Success stories: helping women in Malawi

Impact of complaints mechanism in Kivu

Global Hunger Index 2014

Ebola outbreak: dignity among the chaos

Safe and dignified burials in Sierra Leone

Making laws work for the poor in Bangladesh

Ethiopia: 30 years after the famine

Infographic: Ebola's hidden costs

Ebola: dissolving the myths

#GHI2014: beyond the figures

Water charges: an aid worker's perspective

The importance of women farmers

Ebola: crisis reaches new heights

Concern helps Syrian refugees

Aid worker in a war zone

Music and education

Transformations in Haiti

World Humanitarian Day 2014

South Sudan: food crisis looms

Ebola virus outbreak

Climate smart agriculture

Concern Debates visit to Bangladesh

Sustainable farming

Famine: the scandal of our age

Climate change: El Niño:

Typhoon Haiyan: six months on

Successful conservation farming

Voices from Syria

Global Hunger Index 2013

Conservation agriculture: protecting soil

New farming techniques in Zambia

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