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Five things to do over Christmas holidays

Jason Kennedy | 20 December 2018 | 0 Comments

With the Christmas holidays on the horizon, we take a look at five things to do during the festive break that will help stave of the boredom without having to leave the house.

Listen to a good podcast

Listen to our first ever podcast series

There’s no better way to get over that Christmas day food coma than losing yourself in a good podcast. Earlier this year, we launched our first ever podcast series, which dealt with the special relationship between Ireland and the small African nation of Biafra.

It’s a tale of ordinary Irish people doing extraordinary things to help those starving behind a military blockade – from secret flights, to dodging bombs, to overcoming press censorship. It’s the story of how the people of Ireland were moved to help save the lives of people they'd never met, in a country thousands of miles away.

We think you’ll love it. Listen to the podcast here.

Take a trip down memory lane


There’s only so many times anyone can listen to Mariah Carey and Wham before looking forward to the 11 month Christmas song ban. But, did you know we had our own version of Band Aid in the 80's? The Concerned, made up of over 40 Irish stars, had a number one hit in March and April 1985 with the song and music video ‘Show Some Concern’ - a catchy anthem with lots of big hair and a very 80's saxo solo.



Now that you’ve watched the video, take our quiz below to see how many Irish stars you can recognise.

Quiz Maker - powered by Riddle

Get some last minute gifts

Piglet thumbnail

If you’re one of the many people still struggling to find that perfect Christmas present, fear not, there is still plenty of time. Although it’s too late to get goods posted to you, there are plenty of last minute options from Irish businesses.

Gift vouchers are the perfect Christmas stocking filler, but be careful when going through the terms. Here is the best advice when it comes to buying vouchers online from Ireland’s Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

Of course, if you’d like to donate to a good cause and buy a gift all in one, take a look at the wide variety of Concern Gifts. From piglets to mosquito nets, there are plenty to choose from. Put your last-minute gifts to good use and click here for more information.

Catch a family movie

Scholastica Mbinya and Francisca, Kenya, December 2017, Photo By Peter Caton-1

What’s Christmas without a good movie to bring the family together? This season, RTE have some festive favourites as well as some brand new blockbusters, such as The BFG, The Jungle Book, Antman, Zootopia and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For people who want some old reliables, you can catch classics like Home Alone, Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street.

Of course, if you missed it earlier this month, you can watch Nationwide’s special of our work in Kenya. You can watch that on the RTE Player here.

Make the most of those leftovers

Paddle plant (binomial name Kalanchoe tetraphylla), also known as desert cabbage, white lady, and flapjacks, growing in a greenhouse, spring in northern Illinois (selective focus)

Are you tired of the same old turkey sandwiches every St Stephen’s Day? This traditional Ethiopian recipe is filled with African spices and is guaranteed to brighten up the leftovers. For tables bigger than two, simply double the recipe and serve 'family style' for everyone to dig in!


Help us in our work

While you're here, there's one extra thing you could do this Christmas to help spread the festive cheer. We are asking our supporters to take on hunger and support children in Somalia who are going hungry because of conflict. Please donate today. Your support will save lives.


Fifty years of Concern

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