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Donal Skehan gets a taste of Concern’s work in Malawi

Sadhbh Goodhue
Sadhbh Goodhue | 07 November 2016 | 0 Comments

Award-winning food writer, food photographer and TV presenter, Donal Skehan, is currently in Malawi to witness the work Concern is doing to improve people’s lives there.

With a population of around 16 million people, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Hunger and malnutrition are serious issues, exacerbated by a dependency on subsistence farming and a vulnerability to food crises caused by climate change.

Concern has been working in the country since 2002 with a range of holistic programmes, designed to address the many issues contributing to suffering and poverty in the country.

While in Malawi, Donal has been getting a taste (sometimes literally!) of the work we’re doing there. He is also getting a glimpse of how the Irish public has been doing their bit – through the Concern Christmas Gifts programme – to help families in Malawi improve their lives and prospects.


Learning how to make nutrient filled porridge with local lead mothers in Malawi! #DonalMalawi

A photo posted by Donal Skehan (@donalskehan) on


Sun rising over lake Malawi! Spectacular morning- happy Sunday! 👍🏼☀️ #DonalMalawi

A photo posted by Donal Skehan (@donalskehan) on

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