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Fund a kitchen garden and change lives

Zenon Ndikuriyo | 03 March 2017 | 2 Comments

Almost a month into the kitchen garden project Health and Nutrition Coordinator in Burundi, Zenon Ndikuriyo, describes how kitchen gardens – constructed with your support – are benefitting families in Burundi.

A group of beneficiaries’ awaiting the distribution of stake at Murore site in Burundi. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

The construction of the new kitchen gardens began with the delivery of wooden stakes. Each family was given a bundle of stakes which are used to form the framwork of the garden. Concern staff conducted training on how to build the structure and vegetable seeds were handed out to participating families, including cabbage, spinach, carrot and beetroot seeds.

Build a kitchen garden!

I spoke to a number of families involved in the project to find out how the kitchen gardens were working for them.

A participant in the kitchen garden project, Alphonsine Ngabire, stands with all the materials required for constructing her kitchen garden. Photo: Alexandre Niyongabo/Concern Worldwide.

Children are healthier thanks to kitchen gardens

When I spoke to Louis Ndagijimana and Pascal Bandyanaseka from the Kirundo province, they told me that they hadn’t been aware of how important vegetables were in their children’s diet. They said that they rarely spent money on vegetables in the market and their children were regularly sick. However, after receiving materials to build a kitchen garden and training on the importance of vegetables for a diversified diet, the nutrition of their whole family improved.

Children from Kirundo province stand around at the distribution of materials for the construction of kitchen gardens. Photo: Alexandre Niyongabo/Concern Worldwide.

Supporting his family all year round

I also spoke to Pascal Nizigiyimana from Busoni commune who told me that his new kitchen garden has enabled him to grow enough vegetables to sustain his family all year round. He also mentioned that sometimes he harvests surplus vegetables which allows him to buy flour and oil at the market. Thanks to his kitchen garden, Pascal and his family now have a healthy and diversified diet.

Odette Kanziza, along with family members, prepares her kitchen garden which was constructed with thanks to a generous $100 (€95) public donation. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Your generosity goes a long way

It’s amazing to think that just $100 (€95) can build a kitchen garden which will feed and sustain a family for years come. This extremely generous gift will provide growing children the nutritious and diversified diet they need to thrive. It will also help provide a healthier and more fruitful future.

If you’re in a position to donate $100 (€95), we would like to thank you by building a kitchen garden in your name. And we’ll send you a photo of that kitchen garden – just like the photo below!

Odette Kanziza, along with family members, stands on front of her kitchen garden which was constructed with thanks to a generous $100 (€95) public donation. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

We appreciate your support

The families who are benefiting from this project deeply appreciate your donations and thanks to the sustainability of the project, they will continue to see the rewards for years to come.

Build a kitchen garden in your name

Build a kitchen garden!

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