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Play the Concern Lotto and help save lives

Jennifer Hoey | 19 December 2016 | 0 Comments

Interested in donating to Concern and also being in with a chance of winning up to €5,000? The Concern Lotto might just be the perfect opportunity for you! Learn how to play the Concern Lotto and hear from past winner Phyllis van der Zee.

Two and a half year old Khamis Yohnes with his sister Nyanyuon who are living in the Protection of Civilians (POC) site at the UN base in Juba, South Sudan. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide.

The popularity and success of the annual Concern Summer Raffle led to the inception of the Concern Lotto – a monthly online draw that offers supporters the opportunity to win up to €5,000. Over the years we’ve found that many of our supporters like donating to Concern while also having the opportunity to win something – who doesn’t like winning a prize?

Winner of the November draw

Phyllis van der Zee from Galway, a longtime support of Concern, was the winner of the Concern Lotto November draw. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Phyllis from Galway is the most recent winner of the Concern Lotto monthly draw. She won €500 in the November draw – an unexpected bonus just in time for Christmas!

Phyllis has been donating to Concern Worldwide for almost 25 years and she began playing the Concern Lotto in November.

“It was like an early Christmas present,” said Phyllis, “and it is so great that entering the Lotto is still providing money to those less fortunate than us this Christmas.”

Phyllis was lucky enough to win in her first month playing the Concern Lotto, and you could be too!

How does the Concern Lotto work?

Playing the lotto is easy, all you need is an email address and visa debit/credit card. Each ticket costs €3 and you decide if you would like to play one off or sign up to play monthly. You can change your mind at any time.

Most importantly, the cost of one lotto ticket – just €3 – is enough to feed a child for four days and could save their life. The more tickets you buy, the more lives you can save.

14 month old Chan Adim Garang, a girl, is one of twins admitted to the outpatient therapeutic program (OTP) run by Concern in Maduany in Aweil North, South Sudan. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide.

Play now!

If you are feeling lucky, why not enter our December draw? You can buy tickets here until the 31st December. Best of luck!

Play the Concern Lotto!

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