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Reasons to support the kitchen garden project

Maedhbh McDonald | 09 May 2017 | 0 Comments

Burundi, one of the world’s poorest and most underdeveloped countries, is faced with crippling levels of hunger and malnutrition. Kitchen gardens, however, are helping to improve nutrition and your support is allowing us reach more people than ever. A kitchen garden in Burundi in full bloom. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Trying to feed a family when you have very little food or money is an impossible challenge, and unfortunately it is a dilemma parents in Burundi are faced with on a daily basis. Many go for days surviving solely on a bowl of porridge and sometimes parents even go without to provide for their children. What’s more, young children are worst affected by malnutrition as it stunts their growth and has irreversible consequences on their mental and physical development, that’s if they survive.


Our innovative kitchen garden project is helping families in Burundi to build their resilience against malnutrition and to diversify their diet. This project is part of our very first crowdfunding campaign, and it aims to bring you closer than ever to our programmes and to show you directly how your money is helping to save lives.

Your generosity is making a difference

Thanks to your generous support so far, we’ve assisted the construction of six kitchen gardens – directly impacting and drastically improving the lives of six families. Our top donor, Ines Wouters, has helped build four kitchen gardens – significantly improving the lives of 20 people living in Kirundo. Thank you, Ines! 

Agricultural worker Ferdinand is pictured holding a sign thanking top donor Ines Wouters for her donation. Kitchen garden owners, Caritas, Vinant and their daughter are pictured working on their new garden. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Simple but effective

Kitchen gardens are a simple concept, but you would be amazed by how effective the circular structures are. Natives of Busoni commune, Marguérite and her husband Karimanzira have told our team in Burundi that the nutrition of their children has improved significantly thanks to the kitchen garden they received.

The couple no longer have to buy vegetables in the market, which leaves them with enough money to buy salt, palm oil, peanut flour and fish. This additional food has hugely improved the family’s diet and health, particularly the young children.

Thank you so much for your support for Kitchen Gardens! from Concern Worldwide on Vimeo.

Your support is needed 

Your support for the kitchen garden project has been incredible, but there are thousands of families in Burundi struggling for food and we need your help to provide them with their own kitchen garden.

Just $32 will help train an agricultural worker who will provide training and assistance in the maintenance of a garden. Only $56 will supply ten watering cans which will allow the gardens to grow and flourish, and $100 will provide a family with their very own kitchen garden which diversify their diet and help prevent malnutrition.

Odette Kanziza and her family get involved in the construction of their kitchen garden which was made possible by you generous donations. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Your support will enable us to continue the project and provide families with the resources they so desperately need. So please, dig deep and give what you can to help get kitchen gardens to the people that need them most. Go to the kitchen garden website to donate or alternatively you can donate directly on www.concern.net.

Keep up to date!

We’ve got lots of exciting new fundraising initiatives planned, including another crowdfunding project, and we'd love to keep you informed! We promise to bring you all the latest news, first! 

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