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South Sudan appeal update

Sadhbh Goodhue
Sadhbh Goodhue | 23 January 2015 | 1 Comment

Civil war has been raging in South Sudan for just over a year. As a result, it’s expected that 6.4 million people will have been affected by the food crisis within the first three months of this year. Some 235,000 children are currently suffering from severe malnutrition.

Donor support

Thanks to the support of our donors, Concern Worldwide has been on the ground day-after-day distributing life-saving emergency food and other essential supplies. We’re also constructing communal shelters, building latrines and distributing tarpaulin to protect families from torrential rains.

Nyakan, 3, who was treated at Concern Worldwide's outpatient therapeutic feeding programme in Juba, South Sudan. She is now fully recovered and was discharged from the programme. Photo taken by Crystal Wells, Concern Worldwide.

Nyakan’s story

When three-year-old Nyakan was first brought in to a stabilisation centre, we were worried she may not survive. Malnutrition had left her body so weak she couldn’t digest any of the therapeutic food she needed. Oedema had caused her entire face to swell up.

Lony Gatweech, Concern nutrition programme staff member, told us:

She was really suffering. You couldn’t see her eyes, her face was so swollen. I was really worried about this one.

Nyakan, 3, sits in her home in Juba, South Sudan with Concern Worldwide nutrition programme staff member Lony Gatweech. Photo taken by Crystal Wells, Concern Worldwide.


After being treated at the stabilisation centre, Nyakan was transferred to our therapeutic feeding programme where, thanks to Lony’s care, she gradually started to gain weight and recover.

Return to health

Today, Nyakan is once again at a healthy weight, her brown eyes bright and no longer surrounded by puffy skin. Her mother Nyamon said:

I have seen a great change in my daughter. Before she was very malnourished. She couldn’t take Plumpy ‘Nut. Now she is ok…I want to give thanks to Concern because without them, she would not be alive.

You can help      

By donating money to our South Sudan appeal, you can help to transform lives.

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