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Ten gifts for a tenner this Christmas! (including a piglet)

Cian Purcell-Milton | 30 November 2017 | 0 Comments

With Christmas just around the corner, here are ten budget friendly gifts you can grab for a tenner to fill those Christmas stockings.

1. The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Card Game (€9.00)

It’s inevitable that some board game will be dusted off after Christmas dinner. Be prepared this year and grab this fun little card game that’s perfect for the whole family to play.


The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow card game


2. Boldking Razor (€8.50)

Getting that clean shaven look can be tough on the wallet. Help your well-groomed friends out and grab this nifty little cash saving razor.

Boldking Razor

3. Eight Avocado Trees (€9.00)

Tough to grow here in Ireland but not in Malawi! Some gifts go that bit further and just eight avocado trees can produce 200 – 300 avocados for a family in need. Donate for a loved one with Concern.

Eight Avocado Trees


4. Eco-friendly Colouring Pencils (€5.00)

For that eco-friendly friend that loves to colour, check out these neat colouring pencils made from recycled newspapers.

Eco-friendly Colouring Pencils


5. Designist Poolbeg Print Towel (€10)

Dinner always takes the spotlight at Christmas and tea towels can be in short supply. Have a look at this cool print towel of the iconic Poolbeg Towers for those arty types.

Designist Poolbeg Print Towel

6. Concern Piglet (€10)

Yes, you read that right. Again, some gifts go that little bit further and this is certainly one of them. Donate a Concern piglet to a family in need for a loved one.

Concern Piglet


7. Little Book of Calm Colouring (€7.80)

For those who like to sit back and relax at Christmas, a calming colouring book is perfect to drift away with. Have a look!

 Little book of calm colouring

8. Muji Tin Candle (€6.95)

Who doesn’t love a nice smelly candle and this especially neat tin candle is ideal for those who like the minimal look.

Muji Tin Candle

9. Lush Bath Bombs (€10.00)

Grab a selection of festive bath bombs from Lush for that certain someone who loves a nice warm bath.

Lush Bath Bombs

10. Moleskin Pocket Ruled Notebook (€8.15)

For those who like things neat and organised, you can’t get much better than a Moleskine notebook! Order with free delivery before Christmas too!

 Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook






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