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Your donation makes the world of difference

Maedhbh McDonald | 17 January 2019 | 1 Comment

It’s not always easy to give, but when you see how your gift has transformed lives in Somalia, you'll realise it’s worth every penny.

Hani and Nala’s story

Hani and her three children are a family whose lives were torn apart by the devastating conflict in Somalia. Nala, the youngest in the family, was left severely malnourished and weak by the ordeal.

Hani, Nala and a Concern worker at a Concern support health centre in Somalia. Photo: Mohamed Abdiwahab/Concern Worldwide.

Naima Islow, Concern nurse providing medical check up for Mama *Hani's daughter in an OTP Centre, in Mogadishu. Photo: Mohamed Addiwahab/Concern Worldwide.

But look at her now – in just a few months Nala is out of the danger zone and looks so much healthier. It’s hard to believe her transformation! In a matter of weeks, she’s made a full recovery thanks to a course of life-saving therapeutic food that kind supporters like you helped to provide.

Help in times of emergency

As well as the therapeutic food Hani receives for her daughter, she also benefits from monthly cash transfers – a simple idea that gives vulnerable families an income they can rely on in times of emergency.

Each month during the dry season, Hani knows they’ll have enough money to cover their basic needs like food, water, clothes and school fees. Importantly, cash transfers give her the control to spend their income on what her family needs most.

 Having the cash transfers makes me happy because I know I can buy food that is better for my family – Hani

Two photos of baby Nala with just a few months in the difference. Photo: Mohamed Abdiwahab/Concern Worldwide. Two photos of baby Nala side by side with just a few months in the difference. Photo: Mohamed Abdiwahab/Jennifer Nolan/Concern Worldwide.

Rebuilding lives

Thanks to kind supporters like you, Hani now watches her little ones eat regular, nutritious meals, safe in the knowledge that her babies won’t become malnourished again.

And Hani is just one of many mothers in Somalia who are using cash transfers to rebuild their families’ lives – with the help of kind supporters like you.

Your kindness is seen, felt and appreciated in Somalia – more than you could ever know.

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Jamilah’s Story

Jamilah is another mother we’ve been working with. Before conflict broke out, she was single-handedly raising seven children and worked on a farm, caring for cattle to earn a living. When asked how she managed, Jamilah said you have to:

“believe in yourself, push your limits, conquer your goals and be happy”.

Jamilah* with her 7 children before she started her petty trade business. Photo: Ifrah Abdi Hussein/Concern Worldwide.Jamilah* with her 7 children before she started her petty trade business. Photo: Ifrah Abdi Hussein/Concern Worldwide.

Fleeing conflict

When violence broke out in Jamilah's village, she fled with her children to Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, in search of food, shelter and safety. 

Determined to provide the best life possible for her children, Jamilah joined our cash transfer programme and is already rebuilding what she lost.

After the money she spent on food, she used a small portion of her cash to start her own small business, selling and trading with other families on the outskirts of the city.

Selfless acts

Even with so little to spare, and so many mouths to feed, Jamilah still cares for other families who are struggling to get by. When Jamilah has food to eat she invites a neighbour to join her for a meal.

Jamilah’s selfless act is reminiscent of generous supporters like you, who give what you can, simply out of the kindness of your heart.

A better world

Your belief in a better world helps us to reach families like Hani’s around the world. But sadly, there are millions of families living in extreme poverty that need our support. Help us to reach them.

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