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Your support brings hygiene, health and hope in Kenya

Clare Ahern | 12 August 2018 | 2 Comments

Thanks to your generous donations, we’re training Community Health Volunteers in Kenya to give maternal and neonatal health advice to mothers living in Nairobi’s slums.

Shockingly, around 60% of Nairobi’s population lives in temporary, overcrowded slums. Malnutrition is a huge problem, and basic levels of health and hygiene are dangerously low.

Mum-of-three Scholastica Mbinya (31) with her youngest child, 17-month-old Francisca. Photo: Peter Caton / Concern WorldwideMum-of-three Scholastica Mbinya (31) with her youngest child, 17-month-old Francisca. Photo: Peter Caton / Concern Worldwide

A daily struggle

Scholastica Mbinya lives in Mukuru slum in Nairobi. She has three children and her youngest, Francisca, is just 17 months old. Scholastica works hard to keep her home clean but, with four open-pit latrines in the alleyway outside, preventing her children from picking up diseases is a daily struggle. In the past, there was an outbreak of cholera very close to where Scholastica lives. Mosquitoes are also a problem in such humid and damp conditions so Scholastica keeps a net over the bed to try to keep Francisca safe from malaria.

A helping hand

However, things have been a little easier since Scholastica had her third baby, Francisca. This is because of the support and advice she received from her local Concern-supported Community Health Volunteer, Eunice.

Eunice supported Scholastica throughout her pregnancy and continues to support her now, giving her all the advice she needs to make sure that Francisca stays healthy and happy. 

Scholastica is very grateful for that support.

“Eunice taught me about good hygiene and sanitation, such as boiling drinking water and adding aqua tabs”, she explains. “If Eunice wasn’t around to help I wouldn’t know about preventing malaria and cholera.”

The best advice from Eunice was to exclusively breastfeed Francisca. I didn’t do that for my first two children. I’d love to see her grow up healthy and strong’

Scholastica Mbinya always makes sure  Francisca puts on her shoes before leaving the house. Photo: Peter Caton / Concern WorldwideScholastica Mbinya always makes sure  Francisca puts on her shoes before leaving the house.. Photo: Peter Caton / Concern Worldwide

Thank you

You’re helping to support Community Health Volunteers in nine of Nairobi’s slums, as well as providing vital training for nurses, nutritionists and health workers in maternal and neonatal care. For babies like Francisca, your support can be the difference between life and death – so thank you.

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